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February 6, 2018  

Prayer in the Secret Place

You can't take authority without relationship. You can't invoke a name if that name hasn't endorsed you. - Pastor Chris Bartlett

Hebrews 11:6

January 29, 2018  

Fasting for His appearing

The bride has her own party and the King is saying, "Hey, c'mon I want to show you off, I want to show My goods in you", but we are saying, "No I am at my own banquet, I'm living it up, I'm not going." - Pastor Chris Bartlett

January 22, 2018  

Fasting 2018

Hunger masks the issues that you don't deal with because it's a temporary sastifaction and it quiets the hunger cry for God. Pastor Chris Bartlett


Galatians 6:8

January 16, 2018  


Have you ever noticed Jesus spent hours in prayer and minutes delivering people where we spend minutes in prayer and hours delivering people. - Pastor Chris Bartlett

Deutoronomy 8:3

January 9, 2018  
January 2, 2018  


"What I'm telling you is it's time to detox now. It's time to get the residue of my past out of me now. It's time to
deal with the issues in my life today, that they stop with me." - Pastor Chris Bartlett


December 27, 2017  

Learning from the Magi

The Magi encountered God, they followed Him and when they lost sight of Him they enquired where can I find Him? - Pastor Chris Bartlett   

Matthew 2:1-11 


December 19, 2017  


Have you ever been to the place where you are so slaved and you know this isn't me, this isn't what I am supposed to be, this isn't what I am supposed to be doing but I'm taking it because I am just merely existing and surviving. Pastor Chris Bartlett

Luke 15:1-3 & 11-24

December 10, 2017  

Where are your Accusers?

Jesus caused them to examine their own lives and when you take a good long hard look at your own life you won't 
have time to throw a stone - Pastor Chris Bartlett

John 8:1-12

December 5, 2017  


Perceiving is how you receive, if you can't see Jesus for who He is, you can't ask Him for anything that's really impossible - Pastor Chris Bartlett

Matthew 16:21-24