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October 5, 2018  

Fig tree on borrowed time!

This tree was planted intentionally. The owner didn't take a handful of seed and say, "let's see what it does." It didn't accidentally land in good ground. The owner intentionally went to a paticular place inside the vineyard and planted the tree there. - Pastor Chris Bartlett

October 3, 2018  

When God says, “I want it.”

He walked up that mountain, reminding the Eternal Most High God, "I might be going up here in the morning of the third day but I'm bringing my son back with me." - Missionary Stephen Harrelson

October 2, 2018  

A Spirit of Infirmity

She had this for 18 years. 6 times 3 is 18 years,(666). - Pastor Chris Bartlett

October 2, 2018  

Lessons from the Jordan

How many times in our lives has He told us to step but we say, "There is no where to step"? But He says, "I said step", and all of a sudden you step onto something. - Pastor Chris Bartlett

October 2, 2018  

Threshing Wheat in a Wine Press

When you allow yourself to live in dysfunction, guess what those coming behind you are going to do? Not only are they going to be born there, they are going to live there and multiply. What was dysfunction for you will be malfunction for them. - Pastor Chris Bartlett

July 25, 2018  

Do you really believe it -What God says abouth the tithe?

God is not asking for your first without Him first giving His first. - Pastor Chris Bartlett

July 24, 2018  

The purpose of spiritual gifts.

Everyone posseses a natural gift given from God that is yours. Then there are supernatural gifts. These gifts aren't yours, they are His and He bestows them only to those that are His at any given spontaneous moment. - Pastor Chris Bartlett

June 29, 2018  

Do you really believe it? (What Jesus says about the heart?)

You have "being" habits and "doing" habits. Your being habits say, I'm worshipping something and what I worship and put on the throne on my life dictates my doing habits. - Pastor Chris Bartlett

June 27, 2018  

The Father Wound

Those that are in Christ, He said, "I'll never leave you. I will never abandon you, I will not leave you alone when you don't deserve me to stand by your side. I am not like man that I should lie. I am Yahweh God!" - Pastor Chris Bartlett

June 20, 2018  

Do you really believe it? (Conflict Part II)

There is nothing wrong with pleasure but when you look for pleasure in a perverted way it bears rotten fruit. - Pastor Chris Bartlett