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February 12, 2019  

We were made to crave!

I want you to know that you were made to crave. Not things of this world but you were made to crave things of Him but instead we try to fill that crave with things we think will sastify that craving. - Pastor Joey Northcutt

February 4, 2019  

You have the Power!

Why did you not look to the Source? Why did you not look unto the one knowing? Why did you not believe in yourself? Why did you not speak to those things around you because you have the authority and tell them to stop? - Pastor Joey Northcutt

January 31, 2019  

Send me, I’ll Go!

We try so much and so hard to do it on our own and we fail. Then we wonder why we are in pity. We wonder why we are hurting. We wonder why we are in destruction and it's because our hand is still involved in it. - Pastor Joey Northcutt

January 23, 2019  

God has a plan, trust the process!

There is nothing like being touched by God - JR Dunn

January 14, 2019  

Fast it away

The world can't fathom why you are doing it. Why would you give up something like that? Because you don't know where I'm going, you don't know where I came from and He's about to break something loose in me. - Pastor Joey Northcutt

January 9, 2019  

The Walls

Until you do it my way you can't get past who you are, you can't remove that wall, you can't remove the chains until you get where I need you to be. - Pastor Joey Northcutt

January 9, 2019  

You Serve A Purpose

Until you step out you may not know where you belong, you may not know where you can serve, and you may not know where you can take root in.... - Pastor Joey Northcutt

January 9, 2019  

The Word

Once you have heard God's word and accepted it, you now become a Carrier of His word. Once you become a Carrier, then you become a deliverer of His word. - Pastor Joey Northcutt

December 17, 2018  


Have you ever been that person growing up, during P.E. you were the last one picked? I've been that person. Everyone else is getting chosen before me and then I start questioning who I am, my capability, my athletic skills and do I belong here? - Pastor Joey Northcutt

October 5, 2018  

The Vine and the Vine Dresser

If Jesus is the Vine and the Father is the Vine Dresser, then would you say that the Father is in charge of pruning Jesus? - Pastor Chris Bartlett